Ignacio & Isabel

Get married on winter? This Wedding in Malaga Well, yes, although with this crazy climate it was not as cold as you think.

This Wedding in church of Sagrado Corazón, Málaga began very early with preparations of the groom and his very dear beard. Early in the morning we were at the Barber Shop St. Martin and then went to the house of the bride where they received us with much joy and especially music, she delighted us with an essay of the song that she would later dedicate to her husband.

The ceremony was held iin church of Sagrado Corazón, Málaga, which we can only resume with one word, Wow! its architecture is imposing from the entrance to the majestic altar. The Mass was full of emotions and rites of their own, music and more music, the songs excited everyone in the church. Upon leaving they were greeted with the traditional rice, the rice of abundance that boys will never lack.

We did the wedding portrait session in El Alcazaba on the way we went through the beautiful streets of the center of Malaga through all its most beautiful corners and most typical. What magic is perceived in that special place for them, anyway, we wish you all the best at this parts of your lives.

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Wedding in Malaga