Gaizcane + Chema

Wedding in la Palma

Chema and Gaizkane decided to marry away from the great movement of the city where they currently live, and chose as a place to celebrate their Wedding in la Palma  or also known as the Isla Bonita for its landscapes of extensive mountains filled of greenery, its exotic beaches with volcanic sand among other benefits that make the island of La Palma a dream place.

Together with family and friends, Chema and Gayzkane began their preparations very early in the Municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane, where the bride had the company of her parents, her sister and other relatives, meanwhile at the Hotel Sol La Palma the groom was dressed next to his relatives.

Over time, we crossed the beautiful island until we reached the Royal Shrine of Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves in Santa Cruz de la Palma, where Chema patiently awaited the arrival of the beautiful bride to bless her union before God.

Chema and Gayzkane chose Casa Yanes as a place to celebrate their union, without a doubt all their guests enjoyed the best spaces and landscapes that this wonderful house offers to its visitors. You cannot avoid mentioning the surprises that the guests prepared for the bride and groom, where a few tears filled with emotion and good wishes for the couple were shed.

The Wedding at Casa Yanes, once again tells the beginning of a new story that begins to be written with this beautiful couple. Chema and Gayzkane wish you to be very happy forever.

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